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Sports is in our life, and it makes life better.


Sport. Health. We aimed at a better life.
We hope people to know more about their bodies, so we created iGPSPORT.
Our clients are sports and health conscious. Whether you are the leader of a country or the head of a group, you need a healthy body to work. Our goal is to make quality products to our customers, so that they can participate in sports more easily. This is iGPSPORT.

To fulfill our mission,we have specified several guiding principles, which help us determine our development direction, improve our products unswervingly, and provide after-sales service. We promise that the only value of our existence is to create value for you.

Production management

iGPSPORT was born in wuhan, a city in the interior of China. As the central city of China, iGPSPORT is known as the "thoroughfare of nine provinces". It is the largest water, land and air transportation hub in the interior of China and the shipping center of the middle reaches of the Yangtze river, with a population of more than 13 million.


Since 2012, we have been committed to being the most innovative brand in the world. Moreover, our goal is that everyone can enjoy the happiness of sports, make our body more health cause we love sports and the good feeling that sports bring to us.
From cycling to running, from the thrill of a race to a long ride with a friend, these are the things we look for. 
Wherever you are on earth, you can join our movement.

​Quality management

Since the establishment of the company, the annual compound growth rate(CAGR) has exceed 100%. Hundreds of thousands of users around the world have chosen our products and services, half of which comes from overseas market.In the face of a rapidly developing world, only by constantly improving one's skills who can be more suitable for the development of this world.Those who are standing still will be abandoned, and those who are determined to move forward with determination will be prepared for successful.We have strong R&D team, rely on unique product quality, and pursue the ultimate user experience.
However, we are just beginning.
Although, our competitors are strong, we are committed to breaking through every detail, breaking the boundaries of quality, and improving the performance to a whole new level.This means that we will continue to focus on the areas we are best at: R&D、design、quality、stability,as always to provide users with the best experience.We have not cover all sports. We want to focus our attention on the places that have the greatest impact on users.

innovation for Great Performance @ Sports



as a well-known brand is owned and operated by QIWU.

QIWU has launched a series of products including

GPS Cycling Computer

Heart Rate Monitor

Speed Sensor

Cadence Sensor

Out Front Bike Mount



(Android & iOS)

cloud platform for data analysis etc.

Sports is in our life,

and it makes life better.

“Scientific Exercise, healthy life”

is the mission, we shall do our best to help more people exercise scientifically.


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