iGPSPORT is proud to provide athletes with scientific and professional products and support. The high level of events helps to improve our products. There is no doubt that it is very important for our design, stability and reputation. Whether you are participating in a race or have fun from it, and consider yourself a "cyclist", we can help you do it. The game is not always for the result. There is no best, only better, and always strive for better.

 Scott Bennett 


Crazy Ironman Triathlete


Zhengqing Cai

Where is he,

where is the bicycle race


iGPSPORT is proud to provide support to athletes of various athletic disciplines and sports levels. They use our products in various competitions and pass rigorous tests to meet the requirements of various environments. They pursue victory, at all costs, there is no best, only better, always better, this is our challenge.


iGPSPORT team was founded in 2019, sponsored by Wuhan Qiwu Technology Co., ltd. and is the first commercial operation team in Hubei.


Yunnan Lvshan Landscape is a Chinese UCI Continental cycling team established in 2014.


Minsk Cycling Club is a Belarusian UCI Continental team founded in 2014, that competes on the road and track.


Women's professional cycling team.


SINCE 2019

Gansu Agricultural University Cycling Team

Founded in March 2019, united with Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou University of Technology, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou City College, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Gansu University of Political Science and Law, Lanzhou Institute of Technology, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gansu Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College, Lanzhou Resources and Environment Vocational and Technical College, Longdong College ’s 11 Gansu colleges ’strong teams, reintegrated, and absorbed the teams from colleges and universities that love cycling, and established the Gansu College Students Bicycle Union


Our Ambassador Program is open to passionate riders who share our competitive spirit. We can't all be sponsored racers but we love to lend a hand to those who love to race, who strive for continued improvement, and those who just dream of going fast. You can apply for our program here.