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Cycling Mates

Do you know the anyone who
Enjoys bicycle riding and gets fun from every second during a journey
Never gets tired of challenging themselves and own a tough sportsmanship
Pursues a healthy life by striking a work-life balance
focus on their cycling data which can be used to improve their performance
They might have different occupations but they have one common role: cyclist
We call them “Cycling Mates”.



A challenger

and refuse to be mediocre by breaking records one after another.



An enthusiast or expert especially in a field of sports or 3C products


Content Creator

An insightful observer with ability in writing or filming and likes to share ideas with others.



Key Opinion Leader in the cycling community


Everything started with a group of classmates who were crazy about cycling(Cycling and class Mates).
The motto of "To make everyone well enjoy the sports" united this group of people and we have been working for this motto since 2012
We are now serving more than one million cyclist cross the world
But we know we can do better
In the future,iGPSPORT would enrich every rider's journey



Bicycle as a sport

Many reports has pointed out that bicycle sport is growing globally since pandemic.

Cycling is a healthy, low-carbon and flexible transportation

It brings many positive effects to our society

Why bicycle

WHO advocate people to use bicycle for commute instead of private vehicle to reduce air pollution

it's also beneficial for people's health


About "Ride With Us"

Our goal is to build a more pure cycling community for every cyclist.
In this community, everyone can participate in our product design and improvement.
All cycling enthusiasts can share the fun of riding and promoting cycling culture
Meanwhile, feedback from those users can improve our product and service continuously.
We will provide cycling accessories and and premium service. By getting the feedback from those people, better promote product performance.


How to join in

Our Cycling Mates Program is open to passionate riders who share our competitive spirit. We can't all be sponsored racers but we love to lend a hand to those who love to race, who strive for continued improvement, and those who just dream of going fast. We will invite those candidates and provide VIP service. Recommendation is welcome.

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