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How to upload riding files to website?

1) Power off iGS60, 2) iGS60 connect computer by micro USB cable,then press left button;iGS60 will be found in my computeras a USB device, 3) Copy:\iGPSPORT\Activities\*fit files to computer except “List.fit”, 4) Visit www.strava.com,and upload the *.fit files Visit www.igpsport.com, and upload the *.fit files

How to upload and analysis the activities for iGS20E/10/60?

There are 2 ways: 1. Upload via computer 1)Power off iGS20E/10/60, 2) Connect iGS20E/10/60 with computer via USB cable, short press left button; iGS20E/10/60 will be found in my computer as a USB device, 3) Select and upload the fit format files from iGPSPORT\Activities folder into the Strava website. 2. Upload via application( for iGS10/60) Search, download and install the iGPSPORT APP in Google play or Apple store, connect iGS10/60 with iGPSPORT APP via Bluetooth and sync the activities to iGPSPORT APP.

Steps for uploading data to iGPSPORT website.

The steps of iGS216/iGS50/iGS60/iGS618 are the following: 1)Turn off iGS216/iGS50/iGS60/iGS618, and connect the device with computer via USB cable, then short press left button, iGS216/iGS50/iGS60/iGS618 will be found in my computer as a USB device; 2)Open the official website http://www.igpsport.com/, sign up, log in and enter personal profile; 3)Click the top right corner to upload activities; 4)Click Browse – New disk – iGPSPORT– Activities – files needed uploading( in Fit format); 5)Click to upload; 6)Upload successfully. You can check activities summary in the personal profile, click to check details and you can see numerous riding data analysis.

What APP can be connected with iGPSPORT accessories?

It can be compatible with some APPs which supports the connection with cadence/speed/heart rate sensor. It has been tested that Wahoo fitness can be connected with heart rate sensor. Wahoo fitness ,Runtastic Road Bike APP can be compatible with speed sensor and cadence sensor separately, but both sensors can’t be connected at the same time. It's unknown whether other APPs are supported or not. Maybe you can try them if necessary.

Why is there no Bluetooth icon on cycling computer ?

In iGS50E, the Bluetooth function is default open. In iGS618, the Bluetooth function can be open or closed by hand in the menu page. iGS60 will close Bluetooth automatically if no Bluetooth is connected in three minutes. Once connected with APP,the Bluetooth icon will be displayed on the screen. Before searching in iGPSPORT APP, pls make sure that phone Bluetooth is on.

What's fit file? Where is it?

1) Power off the device, connect it to computer. 2) Short press left button,the device will be recognized as a new disk. 3) The fit file in the activities file is the cycling data.

Can the data in APP be synchronized to iGPSPORT website?

The data will be uploaded to iGPSPORT website, if the user shares the same account with iGPSPORT APP.

Can I upload data to other websites and APPs?

At present it can be uploaded to the official websites of iGPSPORT and Strava, and can also be uploaded to some websites that support uploading fit files.

How to change personal information in iGPSPORT APP?

Personal information can be changed in the bike computers after the devices connect the APP. Steps: More>User Information>Save.

How to change and find back the password?

Change: Find back:

The activity can't be uploaded again if already uploaded.

Yes. the activities that has been uploaded can't be uploaded again.

What kind of phone can be compatible with iGPSPORT APP ?

Phones with BLE 4.0 or Android 5.0 or above and iPhone 5s or iOS9.0 or above are supported.

Can I use iGPSPORT APP on iPad?

At present the APP hasn’t been optimized for iPad. It’s better to use the APP on the phone.

Can it show imperial unit in iGPSPORT APP?

Currently, there is only metric unit in iGPSPORT APP. Imperial unit will be available in future APP update, pls wait for that. It can show both imperial and metric unit when uploading data to iGPSPORT website. It can set it in “user profile setting”. http://i.igpsport.com/account/settings

Can iGPSPORT APP upload data automatically.

It needs to search device every time on International version of APP and click the files manually to transfer the data. Once the domestic version connects the device, click sync button and the App will connect the device and synchronize data automatically.

Can’t upload data?

Pls provide more details if failing to upload data. Which step is the problem from? 1) can’t find the device? 2) have found the device but fail to connect? 3) succeed in connecting but fail to upload data? 4) succeed in uploading data but fail to check activities? Normally it will be solved by trying the following steps: 1. Restart the phone. 2. Restart the device 3. reinstall iGPSPORT APP then try again. 4. upgrade the device to the latest firmware version. The stabilility will be renovated in the next APP update,it will be appreciated if you could help to provide me below information for reference, thanks. 1. Phone model: 2. Operating system: 3. A video about the issue:

Why can't it log in, when using the strava account authorized by google?

It's not supported to connect with the google account directly. Pls log in by the Strava or iGPSPORT account directly.

Why can’t the cycling data be uploaded?

The App can filter invalid data when uploading, so some data can’t be displayed. The user can just ignore the situation. If the normal data can’t be uploaded, the user can check the data in the bike computer or upload data via the website.

What's the difference between the lap in the device and that in APP/website?

They have no differences. Since APP and bike computer have different aims at scenes and optimization, the contents displayed of them are different. The practical data is subject to APP.

Why can't it support login to iGPSPORT webiste in phone?

Pls enter the website in computer, it's not supported to enter through phone directly.

Why is my district not included when changing personal information.

Not all city in the country are covered, pls choose the district which the city is related to. If you have any special needs, you can send the problem feedback to our after-sales, and we will update related information regularly.

Can the website display imperial unit?

iGPSPORT analysis website supports data showing in metric or imperial units. You can set it to imperial unit in “user profile setting”. http://i.igpsport.com/account/settings

How is the estimated power calculated?

The estimated power is calculated according to several pieces of data including speed, gradient and weight.

Why is there minor difference when uploaded to Strava website?

At Strava website, it only uses the basic information such as time, latitude and longitude, instead of the speed, distance, altitude that the cycling has recorded.
The data displayed on iGPSPORT website is the outcome that the website combines with the background data to process the algorithm and recalculate, so the data on the website and the cycling computer are different.
As for the accuracy, cycling computer is calculating in real time while the website combines with the background data to analyze, both of which have their own benefits.

New update and solutions for strava synchronization

Update notice for strava synchronization:

The strava synchronization has been upgraded to
cater for the new strava interface,as the old strava interface will be not
accessible on 2019-10-15.The system will be upgraded automatically.
Pls re-authorize
strava application if the data can't be uploaded to strava website
simultaneously, or contact us directly (e-mail:service@igpsport.com)

Steps for strava re-authorization:
1. Login
your account at website http://i.igpsport.com
2. Click the avatar to enter into “User
profile setting”

3.Click ‘Authorization’ ,and choose‘+’ to authorize strava application (other applications will be accessible
soon) .

4. It will goto the following page, the ‘√’represents authorized, ‘×’cancel authorization.

5. Try another uploading and check
the synchronization at strava website.
1. It is necessary to wait for a
few minutes before it successfully synced
2. Pls cancel the authorization and
reperform the authorization if no data was synced.

Steps for uploading previous data to strava website manually:

Steps to combine strava account in iGPSPORT APP:

MORE> Account binding