10 tips to help you - Be cautious when cycling in rainy days

In the daily cycling process, it is inevitable to encounter rainy days. The slippery road surface, unclear sight and other reasons are bothering riders. Sum up 10 tips to let you ride in the rain without panic.

1. Buy a good waterproof jacket

The most important clothing to resist rain is a jacket. A good waterproof jacket not only keeps your body dry, but also helps you regulate your body temperature. GORE-TEX fabric is the best because it is waterproof and breathable. Breathing is essential, so you don't feel too hot.

2. Mudguard

Mudguards keep dirty water on the road away from your feet, calves, and back. Even if the rain stopped, the road was still wet. The dirty water will be splashed and make you wet and cold. Installing a front fender will provide you with better protection.