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10 tips to help you - Be cautious when cycling in rainy days

In the daily cycling process, it is inevitable to encounter rainy days. The slippery road surface, unclear sight and other reasons are bothering riders. Sum up 10 tips to let you ride in the rain without panic.

1. Buy a good waterproof jacket

The most important clothing to resist rain is a jacket. A good waterproof jacket not only keeps your body dry, but also helps you regulate your body temperature. GORE-TEX fabric is the best because it is waterproof and breathable. Breathing is essential, so you don't feel too hot.

2. Mudguard

Mudguards keep dirty water on the road away from your feet, calves, and back. Even if the rain stopped, the road was still wet. The dirty water will be splashed and make you wet and cold. Installing a front fender will provide you with better protection.

3. Wear shoe covers and gloves

Cycling shoe covers can reduce wind resistance, prevent pollution and keep warm, while neoprene gloves can prevent rain and keep you smart.

4. Use chain degreasing agent

After riding in the rain, you should take a shower and dry your body immediately, and the same goes for bicycle chains.

Cover it with a degreaser, then wipe it with a rag until it dries, and then a few drops of lubricating oil will provide protection for the next ride. Doing so can double the life of the chain.

5. Wear a bicycle hat

Wearing a bicycle hat under the helmet is a good barrier for your head, and the top of the hat provides extra protection for your eyes.

6. Avoid standing water

The stagnant water will not only get you wet, it is also very dangerous, because you never know how bad this is. It may be just a shallow puddle, or it may be a hole.

7. Check the tires

Rain will wash all kinds of dirt on the road. After each ride, quickly check your tires to see if there are any pebbles, glass, and other debris. Also check for cuts on the tires.

8. Use plastic bags

If you are riding in the downpour, a quick and cost-effective way is to put plastic bags on your shoes and clothes.

9. Turn on the lights

When the rain is heavy, the rain itself will more or less obstruct our sight. At this time, you turn on the car lights to not only illuminate the road ahead to prevent you from hitting others, but also let the vehicles on the opposite side see you to prevent others from hitting you.

10. Ride the table at home

If not necessary, go out as little as possible on rainy days. Staying at home and riding on the platform, 30 minutes to 1 hour of organized exercise, can have magical effects on your health.



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