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Detailed Explanation of iGS630 Navigation Function

Hey, long time no see, the last article gave you an overall introduction to the experience of the iGS630 unboxing. This article mainly focuses on the core function navigation of the iGS630 and provides a detailed operation tutorial.

In daily travel, we rely on the map app. For unfamiliar places, by locating the destination, we can know the travel distance, required time , road conditions and so on.

The navigation function is like a map APP installed in the GPS cycling computer. It can provide routes from past riding records, or import other people's cycling routes into the GPS cycling computer as a reference; you can also create routes in the iGPSPORT APP and send to the computer via bluetooth. When the GPS cycling computer function is on, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the display while riding.


1.The way to turn on the navigation

①Select cycling record to start navigation

Many routes will be explored in daily training, and these records will be saved in the GPS cycling computer. In order to facilitate subsequent training, you can choose a suitable route from the previous records for navigation at the beginning of each ride.

Position to the "Navigation" module by pressing the up and down buttons on the GPS cycling computer homepage, click the OK to enter the navigation page, select "Ride Records", you can view the previous ride records, select a record and press the OK button to enter, and click the start to open the navigation line.

During riding, you can switch between different data pages through the up and down buttons, and you can make personalized display adjustments through the APP.

On the navigation page, you can zoom the map to view the complete route by clicking the back button, which is more helpful to know where you are on the route and whether there is a yaw.

Click the confirm to enter the cycling menu, select the page and field, and make sure that it is turned on, you can adjust the amount of data displayed on the navigation page according to your reading habits. Currently, up to 4 types of data are supported for display.

The cycling menu contains many functions, where you can save, change, and terminate the current cycling route. It is worth mentioning that: when you finish training and want to choose a safe and familiar route to return to the starting point, you can press the confirm button to enter the cycling menu, and select "return to starting point" to perform a one-key return operation.

②Create exclusive cycling routes

When you repeat a certain cycling route mechanically for a long time, it is easy to generate muscle memory physically, and it is also inevitable to be mentally fatigued, which will affect the results of training to a certain extent. In order to continuously stimulate the enthusiasm for riding, you can create a new route on the iGPSPORT APP, and then transfer it to the computer via Bluetooth to enrich your riding plan.

First, make sure that the mobile phone and the GPS cycling computer have been paired successfully, and upgrade the iGPSPORT APP on the mobile phone to the latest version. Enter the APP, select "Device" in the bottom menu bar, find "Route Planning" in the GPS cycling computer function column to enter, click "Create Route Book" to start creating a route.

a.Enter the presumably address of the starting point in the search box, the intelligent association of the relevant address will automatically pop up below, select the appropriate punctuation, and a green starting point icon will appear on the map;

b.You can locate the starting point more accurately by zooming the map and clicking the full-screen button in the lower right corner. After determining the starting point, you need to click the input box again to confirm, and the font turns black to indicate that the starting point setting is complete;

c.The end point is set in the same way as the start point. After the start point and end point are set, click the disk icon in the upper right corner to save, enter the title and click save to confirm;

d.After the route is successfully saved, the page will automatically jump to the route details page, click "Send to Device" in the lower right corner, the created cycling route will be successfully synchronized to the computer;

e.Click Navigation and select route navigation to view the route just synced.

③Experience the cycling route of your friends

Many riders have the habit of sharing their riding routes to the APP, so in addition to creating their own routes, you can also import route files in FIT, GPX, TCX, CNX format directly into the GPS cycling computer by copying to experience the scenery in the eyes of others.

Share cycling routes via APP

Open the iGPSPORT APP, find "Activity" in the bottom menu bar, select a ride record, click on the upper right corner and a drop-down box will pop up, select "Send to a friend", first enter your friend's ID or nickname in the search box, click "Send", You can share your cycling route with your friends.

If your friends do not have an iGPSPORT APP account, select "Export data" in the drop-down box, you can choose to save it locally and then transfer it to your friends, or you can directly share it through AirDrop, E-mail, instant chat software (WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, etc.) to friends.

Download the cycling route file

You can download the route file in the cycling APP that you often use. Here I take the iGPSPORT official website as an example:

a.Log in to and select "Upload Data" in the top menu bar;

b.Click "Ranking", select a riding friend, and click on the profiles picture to enter the other's riding page;

c.Select an interesting record in the cycling calendar;

d.In the upper right of the data details page, select the route file in FIT, GPX, TCX format to download

2.The way to import cycling routes

①BLE transmission

Open the APP, enter the route planning - select import route file - select the GPX/TCX route file to be imported - confirm the import - the route preview will appear, select transfer to GPS cycling computer - connect the APP and GPS cycling computer via Bluetooth; operate the GPS cycling computer to select navigation - route navigation - find the route file previously transmitted to confirm - the route preview is displayed on the computer and the transmission is successful.

②USB transmission

Turn off the GPS cycling computer first, connect the GPS cycling computer and the computer with the provided data cable, after the connection is successful, the GPS cycling computer will display the charging and USB transfer status, find the new disk iGS630 Mass Storage on the computer and enter the iGPSPORT/Courses, and then connect the FIT The route file can be dragged in, and more route formats will be added in the future.

3.Tips Tips for Navigation Settings

You can set the switches of "North Up", "Turn Reminder" and "Display Height" on the navigation settings page.

"North up" means that on the navigation page, the compass always faces the direction of 12 o'clock; when the turn reminder is turned on, a pop-up window will remind you to turn on the cycling page; the height display, as the name suggests, will add a column to the cycling page The highly dynamic data can more intuitively judge the current height.

When "North Up" is turned on, the compass on the navigation page always faces the direction of 12 o'clock.

After the "turning reminder" is turned on, it will remind the rider to turn on the cycling page to help the rider make navigation planning.

As the name implies, the display height will add a column of dynamic data of height to the riding page, helping the rider to judge the current height more intuitively and distribute physical strength in advance.

The above are the detailed instructions on the navigation function of iGS630. In the next article, we will introduce the rich data display function of iGS630, and teach you how to configure personalized data pages.

Go to the official website to learn more about iGS630 features:


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