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Find Your Direction with BSC200

As a sincere work for the 10th anniversary of iGPSPORT , BSC200 is released with some distinguishing new features. Besides continuing the high-quality features of the previous generation of products in terms of appearance and craftsmanship, the hardware of BSC200 is further upgraded and innovated, and the software details are thoughtfully improved.

Real time route navigation, a reliable guidance on your ride.

BSC200 supports multi route planning methods which are user friendly. The track navigation page of BSC200 is clear and easy to understand. Even a novice rider can easily find the direction of travel through navigation.

The new road book function of iGPSPORT APP provides a wealth of cycling routes, making it easy to find the interesting routes around you. Not only that, but BSC200 opens up more interfaces for cycling routes, supports third-party GPX/TCX/FIT/CNX route files to be quickly imported into the computer. Meanwhile, the navigation route can be shared and imported into the APP through social software to synchronize to the computer.

Superb positioning chip gives you superb positioning experience

Accurate and fast positioning system is the core of the bike computer. BSC200 has used the latest generation of Swiss navigation chip and positioning accuracy has been improved greatly. Equipped with Beidou, GPS, Glonass, QZSS, and Galileo, it also supports AGPS fast auxiliary positioning, GPS signal is no longer a concern.

30-hour battery life; USB-C interface is always convenient

The 30-hour long battery life of the BSC200 ensures you a long time ride. At the same time, USB-C interface is always convenient, you will have an easy ride.

Compact design, ultra-thin and light

The BSC200’s 2.6-inch ultra-hardened glass screen is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. With the thickness of 14.5mm, the compact device would offer you an extreme feel.

A perfect indoor training partner

BSC200 supports connection with indoor trainer and course training. Regarding any weather conditions, it will always be your trainer partner by offering various training metrics and voice reminder.

Various cycling data and customizable graphics

BSC200 provides more than 13 categories of 140+ cycling data, and each page can accommodate up to 8 items of data. With the support of a 2.6-inch high-precision dot matrix screen, graphics data display is realized. Through the iGPSPORT APP, you can freely mix and match data to build a cycling page that suits you.

A complete cycling ecology give your more possibilities

iGPSPORT has been working hard to build a rich cycling ecology. BSC200 supports the connection of 8 types of cycling peripherals, which not only allows you to obtain more complete riding data, but also meets more training needs. Of course, BSC200 also supports the three electronic shifting systems of Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo. More new products and compatible sensors are also planned.

Convenient and fast, focus on cycling better

The BSC200 is easy to use. All the settings of BSC200 can be easily completed through iGPSPORT APP, even a beginner cyclist can settle everything.

The BSC200 supports multi auto dunction and let you better focus on cycling. Auto sleep and auto power off can make battery longer.Auto record, auto pause, auto lap, smart record, auto backlight will make recording process more convenient and smarter.

Smart Notification, Online All the Time

After pairing with iGPSPORT APP, the notification of the phone call, SMS and some APP can be displayed.

Fast data sharing mechanism

With the latest Bluetooth technology, BSC200 can upload cycling data in seconds. According to the actual measurement, it only takes 9 seconds for the 100km riding record file to be synchronized to the iGPSPORT cloud server. At the same time, iGPSPORT APP has a variety of activity sharing styles for you to choose from. Of course, you can also share with friends on third-party application platforms.

Constantly optimizing product details and breaking through the boundaries of quality and performance are our goals. It is our greatest value to continue to focus on every link of R&D, design, and manufacturing to provide users with the best product experience. With a solid technology platform, we will continue to innovate and create value for our customers. With the advanced R&D management mode, our research results can enable more people to enjoy the joy of sports and a healthy life. This is the passion and mission of the iGPSPORT R&D team.

Impetuousness and utilitarianism cannot create real products and brands. We are experiencing and working hard to move towards the direction of " Craftsmanship Spirit". "Craftsman Spirit" is not only the observance of professional ethics, the creative spirit of pursuing excellence, but also the spirit of customer-oriented service. Do the simplest things to the extreme, and the results will come naturally.

Find your direction with BSC200, with iGPSPORT.


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