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HR40 Black Edition is officially launched

Real growth is continuous self-evolution

And every product evolution means you know better


Knowing you better than you is HR40.

On the way to fitness or training, we have been trying. Heart rate monitoring is always accompanied by various sports, helping us to achieve our goals more safely and efficiently.

The petite heart rate sensor may not be valued by you, but it does help you subtlely. This is not just a 340-hour companionship that can be explained clearly. Your mobile phone or computer may be his more intimate friend.

These are all unreasonable reasons why sports lack it.

Leaving the sofa and leaving the warm interior, we walked out of our comfort zone, got rid of the unchanging attitude, opened our bodies, and explored our unknown territory.

In the change of products, designers have gone out of the strange circle designed for design, and software and hardware engineers have also taken a more solid step. They have dedicated the HR40-Panda heart rate belt that will never let you down.

We constantly learn and read the body's messages, which requires patience and concentration, and clearing up the misunderstandings, in order to find a different self.

Regarding the maximum heart rate, we can understand it as the limit of the number of times the heart beats in one minute. It refers to the heart rate that cannot continue to rise with the increase of exercise intensity when doing the most intense exercise. This is a limit of the human heart beat.

According to the purpose of the exercise, training according to the heart rate interval of the corresponding intensity can achieve efficient training.

Companionship is the longest love confession

The HR40 intelligent heart rate belt does not necessarily allow you to reach the end faster, but it must be the best health guarantee to accompany you.

To learn to exercise, you must learn to rest.

The heart is the engine of the human body and cannot exercise with a high heart rate for a long time. Therefore, in the normal exercise process, the heart rate principle of personal fitness should be followed. Strictly control the speed and never exceed the target heart rate.

Relying on the accuracy of ECG measurement of heart rate, HR40 can be applied to more application scenarios, as well as the support of Bluetooth and ANT +, making it superior at the interactive level.

Cycling, running, fitness

Challenge yourself constantly

As a basis

For unknown fields

Launch the strongest surface impact


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