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iGPSPORT announced as Official Sponsor of Aisan Industry Racing Team

iGPSPORT is proud to announce its sponsorship of AISAN Racing Team

The sponsorship will be a milestone for both sides. We will aim at a higher goal for deeper and broader cooperation. iGPSPORT will provide the AISAN team with the top computer models and accessories in the coming season, such as iGS630 bike GPS computer, so that the team and the athletes can improve their performance under different conditions. The AISAN team will also give more help to the research and development of iGPSPORT.


AISAN INDUSTRY RACING TEAM (UCI registration name: AISAN Racing Team), whose parent company is Aisan Industry Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of automotive functional parts systems, was registered as a UCI intercontinental team in 2006, and this year is the 16th year.

自動車機能部品システムメーカーの「愛三工業株式会社」を母体とする愛三工業レーシングチーム(UCI登録名:AISAN Racing Team)は、2006年にUCIコンチネンタルチーム登録を行ってから、今年で16年目のシーズンを迎えることができました。

About Team Riders

Shotaro Watanabe from Nasu Brasen returns to Aisan Industry Racing Team after two years. In addition, Japanese university middle and long-distance track and field athlete Sato Takeru will also join. Sato is a member of the 2021 inter-school overtaking, with a result of 4:6.655, which is very fast. 9 people including these 2 people will compete in the race.

In addition, Takumi Beppu, who has been the team manager since 2011, will retire at the end of the 2022 season. This season will be his last as a manager.

About iGS630:

The new iGS630 GPS bike computer has a 2.8-inch colorscreen, 8GB of memory, and a built-in offline map. Receiving data from the world's five major satellite systems, the iGS630 is able to find your position faster and more accurately. The new dynamic data display page, with a simple and easy-to-use APP, allows for a rich and diverse cycling experience.


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