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iGPSPORT APP has now been updated to version V6.5

Brand new UI

Brand new experience

Come join the iGPSPORT APP V6.5

First, enter Google play to join iGPSPORT beta

What's new:

1. Navigation route: the activity record can be converted to the navigation route. You can use collected route by adding it via APP directly.

2. Social sharing: You can share your watermark photo with your iGS friends and save your activity record by photos. Your activity can be shared by data file to other social media platforms.

3. Sports details: we added a variety of map styles, route mileage point marking, speed, cadence, uphill and downhill section analysis, etc.

4. Live track: UI information is optimized and you can share the location of your photos;

5. User feedback module is added to report abnormal data;

6. The stability of APP is optimized and you will have better user experience.

Welcome to follow us.


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