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iGPSPORT debuts at Shimano Fest

From August 17 to 20, 2023, at Memorial da América Latina in São Paulo, we welcomed the largest exhibition in Brazil and the entire Latin American bicycle market.

The show brought together a number of well-known companies and brands in the cycling industry and showcased the latest developments in iGPSPORT.

iGPSPORT joined hands with Brazilian distributor MD to participate in the event, showcasing new and flagship products on sale.

iGPSPORT better understands the market and user needs through intimate interaction with users.

For iGPSPORT, face-to-face communication with partners and users is very pleasant.

iGPSPORT, the industry's most innovative bicycle GPS computer brand, was founded in September 2012, serving more than one million cycling enthusiasts around the world, always adhering to the vision of integrating sports into our lives and making life better, and is committed to becoming a smart technology brand loved by sports enthusiasts.



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