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iGPSPORT|iGS630 - Because I deserve

After a long day work, as a man and a father.

I can finally get away from the noise of business.

That’s the time for myself.

The time of freedom.

Like maintain your bike, or go out for a ride with friends.

Enjoy brunch on weekend morning with nothing but bike to talk about.

To me that’s a recovery from the exhausting daily work.

So I want it perfect.

Perfect bike, perfect ride, and of course, perfect head unit.

And that is why I use iGS630.

It last longer than you expect.

Graphic chart is easy to read while you are doing high intense interval.

A big screen with built-in map, you can easily do your recon before the travel.

To me, it is just perfect.

And I believe

We all deserve the perfect.

The new iGS630 GPS cycling computer has a 2.8-inch colorscreen, 8GB of memory, and a built-in offline map. Receiving data from the world's five major satellite systems, the iGS630 is able to find your position faster and more accurately. The new dynamic data display page, with a simple and easy-to-use APP, allows for a rich and diverse cycling experience.


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