iGPSPORT- Team 2020 season year-end summary

The 2020 season was a full-scale success for the iGPSPORT- team, and in this season, which was severely affected by the outbreak, the iGPSPORT- team did not officially start racing until the end of August, and in the short four months since the end of the year, the team has participated in 22 races, with only 32 race days, a total of 25 championships, 18 runners-up,10 runners-up, the first three stages 100%, fully achievethe team's goals at the beginning of the year, but also let the team grow into one of the best amateur car team.


Remembering the first battle "single fly"

iGPSPORT - The Panthers' first race in 2020, "Single Flying Brother", bened to success just over four months ago on August 22. After more than half a year of the outbreak,chaotic and confused car arena finally ushered in the first race of 2020 - "King ofHedgehog Cup" 2020 "Panoramic Guizhou" road bike race (Panzhou Station).

The first race of 2020, the well-known drivers and teams have been present, multi-party live broadcast has been set up, media friends are also ready to go, you can imagine how much attention and influence of the game.

Of course, the outcome of this game must be remembered,"single flying brother" Huang Guanghong broke through 80 kilometers, almost close to the whole single fly, behind the small group of eyes to see single flying brother in front, but always can not catch up, the final single flying brother Huang Guanghong with a very small second difference, won the championship of this game.

After the line, a mechanical failure has returnedto the end of the captain Kong Wensheng to help the already unstable single-flying brother Huang Guanghong back to the rest area, and then we described watching the final stage of the event live, thrilling journey: "Live screen has been switching, but too close to determine the lead ofsingle-flying brother." "Before the finish line, I finally saw the single-flying brother win the championship, tears flowed out with excitement. "