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iGS630 E-Bike Communication

About E-Bike Communication

1、Sync the data from E-Bike to iGS630 (Battery, Remaining Range, Assist Mode, Regan Mode) so an E-Bike cyclist can observe the riding status according to the device information.

2、iGS630 can connect with E-Bike via ANT+.

NOTE: 1、Please make sure the E-bike has enough battery or it may fail to connect. 2、iGS630 is the only device that supports E-Bike communication and please update the firmware version to Version V.1.30 or above.


Things to be prepared: ① An E-Bike that supports ANT+ ② Make sure E-Bike has enough battery and can function well ③ Make sure the iGS630 is updated to the firmware V.1.30 or above.

How to use

Connect with E-Bike

1、Turn on the device, enter “Setting” “Sensor” and search E-Bike then connect with E-Bike.

Data Display

After connection, some data would be displayed like remaining odometer, E-Bike battery, battery temperature )

Check data during a ride

1、Return to the main menu, enter “ride mode” select any ride mode and enable it, enter “Pages” then select any pages and page field, then current data of the device will be displayed;

2、Press scroll down button to adjust the number of data tables displayed.


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