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iGS630 - iClimb

iClimb introduction

  • 1、Identify the climbing sections in the route when navigating, and classify the climbing sections

  • 2、Riders can reasonably distribute their physical strength according to the information in the climbing section;

  • 3、Provides riders with detailed information on the climbs, such as the number of climbs, the distance to each grade, the length of each grade, the height of each climb, and the average grade of the remaining grade

NOTE: The following conditions must be met to be used as a grade: ①The length is at least 500 meters; ②The average grade is more than 3%.


Preparation before using the iClimb:

What to prepare:

  • 1、 Prepare a navigation route with altitude information.

  • 2、Turn on the [Climb Planning] button in the riding mode, and open the [Climbing Planning] page to display the icon.

NOTE: The iClimb function is a newly launched function of iGS630 V1.30. Please use the iGPSPORT APP or go to the iGPSPORT official website to update the firmware before using the device.


How to use iClimb

How to use

  • 1、Import navigation routes with altitude information through APP or USB (supported file types: FIT, GPX, TCX, CNX);

  • 2、Open the imported route in [Navigation-Route Navigation], and use this route to start riding;

  • 3、The navigation route will calculate the gradient information and display the climbing summary page.

  • 4、When reaching the starting point of climbing at 160m, it will prompt you to start climbing after 160m and automatically pop up the detailed page of the slope.


1、The device will divide the climbing difficulty into six levels according to the climbing score, and different colors represent different climbing difficulty levels. [Climbing gradient = climbing height (m) / Climbing length (percentage value)];

2、The climbing function must be used under the tracking navigation function, and the navigation line must contain altitude information (If no incline information is calculated, the incline summary page is not displayed);

3、After the yaw occurs,the remaining distance to the climbing segment is not calculated.


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