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iGS630 V1.11 Waiting for you

An update to the firmware for iGS630 systems was released in May 2022.

You can use this to update your system software to version 1.11.

Note: iGS630 can be updated via iGPSPORT APP !

Always update your bike computer system to the latest version of the system software.

By updating, you can enjoy additional features with product stability improved.

What's new:

1. Fixed navigation off course in some areas. 2. Fixed issue where chain stage of E-shifting is not displayed accurately. 3. Added the reorganization of Di2 Fly channel. 4. Fixed issue where speed and distance data can’t be calculated correctly. 5. Fixed issue of repeated reminding of power meter Calibration Succeeded. 6. Fixed issue where battery status display is inaccurate. 7. Optimized the layout of ride page. 8. Optimized the display of some pages. 9. Added the chart information for history record. 10. Added the management menu for sensor by its type. 11. Added the function of Disable/Enable of sensors. 12. Added the calibration of altitude. 13. Added the function to check the older messages. 14. Added to function of reverse direction. 15. Added to arrow direction while off course. 16. Added the display of street name on the map. 17. Added the function to import the track file of GPX/FIX/CNX/TCX by cable. 18. Fixed the issue where map can’t be displayed while crossing different districts. 19. Added the function to add subtitle for training course. 20. Added the function to comment on the training course. 21. Added the reminder in the training course.

22. Optimized the reminder tone in the training course.


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