iGS630-Wheel size auto detection


• 1. Help cyclists automatically detect the wheel size when they are not sure of the wheel size, and use the speed sensor smoothly;

• 2. After turning on the [Auto-detection] function, turn on the recording of riding under the outdoor GPS positioning, and the iGS630 will automatically detect the wheel size value after 5-10 minutes.

• 3. This function is set on the sensor detail page after connecting the "speed sensor", "speed cadence sensor" or "E-bike";

NOTE: This function is enabled by default when “speed sensor” and “speed cadence sensor” are connected, and disabled by default when “E-bike” is connected.

Preparation before using the function

What to prepare:

1. Prepare any one of "speed sensor", "speed cadence sensor" or "E-bike" with sufficient power;

2. Ensure that the GPS signal of the outdoor cycling route is stable after the [Auto Detection] function is turned on.

NOTE: The [Auto-detection] function is a newly launched function of iGS630 V1.30. Please use the iGPSPORT APP or go to the iGPSPORT official website to update the firmw