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iGS630-Wheel size auto detection


• 1. Help cyclists automatically detect the wheel size when they are not sure of the wheel size, and use the speed sensor smoothly;

• 2. After turning on the [Auto-detection] function, turn on the recording of riding under the outdoor GPS positioning, and the iGS630 will automatically detect the wheel size value after 5-10 minutes.

• 3. This function is set on the sensor detail page after connecting the "speed sensor", "speed cadence sensor" or "E-bike";

NOTE: This function is enabled by default when “speed sensor” and “speed cadence sensor” are connected, and disabled by default when “E-bike” is connected.

Preparation before using the function

What to prepare:

1. Prepare any one of "speed sensor", "speed cadence sensor" or "E-bike" with sufficient power;

2. Ensure that the GPS signal of the outdoor cycling route is stable after the [Auto Detection] function is turned on.

NOTE: The [Auto-detection] function is a newly launched function of iGS630 V1.30. Please use the iGPSPORT APP or go to the iGPSPORT official website to update the firmware before using the device.

How to use the function

How to use (take the "speed sensor" setting page as an example)

• 1.After the device is connected to the speed sensor, the [Auto Detect] function is enabled by default, and the wheel size cannot be edited at this time;

• 2.Turn on the record ride after the outdoor GPS positioning is turned on to record the ride. After 5-10 minutes, the iGS630 will pop up the wheel size automatic detection pop-up window (display the detected wheel size);

• 3.The pop-up page will show the options of [Update] and [Ignore]:

①Select [Update], the device will update the wheel size to the detected size, and calculate the speed and distance according to this wheel size;

②Select [Ignore] and the pop-up window disappears;

③If you do not select it, the pop-up page will disappear automatically after 10 seconds, and the detection pop-up will pop up again after 5-10 minutes.


1. When the device detects that the wheel size changes within +-0.5%, there will be no pop-up prompt;

2. The wheel size can only be edited after the [Auto-detection] function is turned off.



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