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New Model|iGS520 - as always iGPSPORT

GPS Beidou|2.3-inch high-definition dot-matrix screen|Custom page|IPX7|ANT and support power meter|Bluetooth 5.0|Built-in accelerometer|Support auto-pause/auto-sleep shutdown|Support synchronization of Strava and Trainingpeaks.

If these function points are not enough to illustrate the strength of iGS520, plus the smart call and SMS notification, navigation ¹ function, training ² function, AGPS assisted positioning system, there are still 45 hours of battery life?

This is iGS520, the first product of the iGPSPORT product line 5 series. The iGS520, which was originally planned to be launched in the first half of this year, stayed in the company for a few more months due to the impact of the epidemic. Careful optimization is the best interpretation of iGS520.

Since its development in 2012, this year is the eighth year of iGPSPORT. The fourth generation of products has been honed. Today, the iGPSPORT brand series products have been exported to nearly 20 countries around the world, and are loved and recognized by cycling enthusiasts at home and abroad.

A new direction of easy-to-operate technological aesthetics.

In terms of appearance, the iGS520 has passed the rigorous ergonomics verification in the laboratory. In addition to optimizing the ease of handling of the whole machine, it also pays attention to the pain points of the user when using the buttons. Therefore, the iGS520 uses the 5-key design for the first time, and the operation logic is clearer. Page up and down, confirmation and return can all be operated independently, and the thickness and weight are greatly changed accordingly.

FSTN high-definition dot matrix screen, data display can be set by you.

iGS520 also uses a 2.3-inch FSTN black and white dot matrix screen for the first time, which is different from the code screen. The advantage of the dot matrix screen is that each grid data page can be defined as the data you want to see, while the code screen is all in At the beginning of the design, the definition is completed, and there is not much room for customization.

iGS520's powerful custom data page provides more than 80 kinds of data to choose from, and each page can set up to 8 data display settings. No matter what you need, iGS520 can give it to you.

If you want to search for satellites faster, you must remember the location of the satellites

After eight years of development, we have accumulated a large number of users who can promptly report product problems. In real user surveys, we found that the biggest difference between GPS computer meters and traditional computer meters is the first use and even a period of time afterward. , You can’t get used to the need to wait for the computer to search for satellite positioning before riding. Although some of our computer models add the option to automatically start the journey after satellite positioning, users still have to "wait before riding"- Waiting for satellite positioning. So AGPS came into being. AGPS is the abbreviation of the Assisted Global Positioning System in English. It can connect to the computer through the APP and send the satellite ephemeris to the computer so that the computer can be found more quickly Satellite and positioning. The principle is very simple. If we want to locate, we must first confirm the location of the satellite, and then confirm the latitude and longitude of the host. If the ephemeris data is directly sent to the computer, the computer can quickly confirm the satellite position and position. It is also naturally faster; usually, a cold start (when the device is not turned on within 4 hours or a large geographic location is changed) is a few minutes slower than a hot start (when the positioning is successful within 4 hours).

ANT+ support

The ANT protocol fully supports all sensors this time, and the much-anticipated power meter is also added to it. More importantly, the iGS520 paired sensor can display the ID number function, and specify the sensor to specify the pairing. This is helpful when pairing the sensors temporarily. What's more convenient is that if there is a sensor that is turned on, iGS520 will automatically search and prompt the user whether to pair and connect, which is very convenient.

The new iGPSPORT APP has more functions

With the latest iGPSPORT APP, it can realize the function of a real-time reminder of incoming calls and text messages. The iGS520 will pop-up reminders at the bottom of the computer so that we will never miss important calls when we exercise and train. Of course, the new APP also supports the function of setting the computer page, and the data customization of the page can also be adjusted in real-time through the APP; in addition, the firmware update is also fully adjusted to the APP for operation. After the iGS520 is listed, we will keep the firmware update quickly. If you want iGS520 to keep adding new functions, remember to open the APP to check the firmware version. The APP setting the computer is also the direction of our future development. More and more functions are set on the APP to make the operation easier.

45 hours battery life, it can be longer

Compared with traditional computer meters, the battery life of GPS computer meters is also a major pain point for users. How to solve it?

Increase battery capacity? That will increase the size of the computer; reduce the brightness of the backlight? That will affect the user experience; reduce the GPS signal strength? That will lose the GPS computer characteristics. There is only one solution. While stabilizing the GPS signal strength, the bottom layer of the software is continuously optimized to make it lower power consumption and get longer battery life. In fact, the data of iGPSPORT laboratory is a bit more amazing than expected, more than 50 hours-in Good GPS signal. The final result given to the market is 45 hours, to take care of part of the ride when the GPS signal is not so good. This number can make you feel that the lack of electricity on the computer is not a headache for you.

High requirements, high standards, as always iGPSPORT

If you are not in the habit of turning off after use, there is no problem. iGS520 has a built-in accelerometer sensor. After you have not used it for a period of time, the computer will automatically go to sleep and then automatically shut down. Of course, this can also be on the computer. Set on or off.

IPX7 waterproof also maintains the consistent level of iGPSPORT, and has experienced the baptism of ISO9001 quality management system certification. The consistency of the product quality of iGPSPORT has been greatly improved so that the products that users can get can have enough protection.

Welcome to follow us.

iGPSPORT creates the finest GPS Cycling Computer and accessories in the world.


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