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Powerful and colorful:iGS630 unboxing and review

Starting from this year, iGPSPORT will enter the rhythm of two launches a yaear, with a spring launch in March and a fall launch in September. As a new product released in spring, iGS630 will meet the public on March 28 as scheduled. The unprecedented event of over 1,000,000 people participating in the warm-up phase gives us full confidence. In order to allow users to understand the iGS630 comprehensively, we will present the iGS630 hands-on experience for the first time!

Folding-type magnetic cover, unboxing should have a sense of ceremony

The packaging of the iGS630 is exquisite. Different from the previous pull-out unpacking, the folding ingenuity is poured into the packaging, which not only enhances the protection of the GPS cycling computer,but also provides users with a more ceremonial sense of interaction.

If you look closely, you will find that the front of the iGS630 package is a 1:1 size map of the analog computer, and when the package is slightly rotated clockwise, the button on the left of the cycling computer complements the overall outer case as a small surprise in design. Create a 3D stereoscopic vision on a horizontal plane; rotate counterclockwise, the unique rut elements of iGS630 gradually extend, as the training marks left by the rider on the soil, indicating a constant challenge and a forever upward life attitude.

The back of the package is a condensed version of the iGS630's functional features. It extracts six core hardware of the cycling computer, five fully upgraded personalized functions and instructions for downloading the IGPSPORT APP. The whole is divided according to the product model, hardware foundation, software function and logic of the APP part.

Open the magnetic buckle, and the promotional pages with the powerful functions of iGS630 will be displayed to users one by one. These are the four highlights that we have selected from many reasons for purchasing:

more personalized cycling courses, you can customize the exclusive training plan through the APP;

more intuitive and comprehensive dynamic graphic data, support for more than 100 riding data selection;

more intimate and intelligent navigation system;

and richer theme styles.

Gently open the magnetic suction box at the end, the new iGS630 is firmly stuck in the groove, and the accessory box on the right side independently stores the thoughtful lanyard and tempered film, which provides additional protection for the cycling computer.

Lightweight and eye-catching, polished details

2.8-inch is the largest screen size of iGSSPORT GPS cycling computer so far, which makes the data easier to read. The full lamination technology eliminates the cavity between the screens, which is beneficial to reduce the reflection between the display panel and the glass, which can make the screen look clearer and enhance the display effect of the screen.

The classic anti-smudge black body is only 16.5mm thick, which fits the palm of your hand exactly and is easy to use with one hand. Unique tire ruts are printed on both sides, as a symbolic visual element that echoes the riding track, it invisibly carries the function of dividing the area, and the clear feeling makes it possible to accurately lock the position of the button even in the state of blind touch.

Considering the jolt of cycling and the rider's habit of wearing gloves may affect the sensitivity of the touch screen to varying degrees, the iGS630 still uses a button function that is more in line with riding habits. The buttons are sensitive to the touch and not stiff. If you feel carefully, there is even a slight sense of decompression. The buttons are distributed at reasonable intervals, which is not easy to cause maloperation.

Through continuous polishing of details, iGS630 hides the air pressure hole to the Type-C interface under the hole plug, which neither destroys the integrity of the back of the cycling computer case nor affects the normal use of the function. The striking red dot element of the power-on button, the condensed certification information on the back plate and the parallelogram body of the sports car design, these classic design concepts are perfectly inherited.

35 hours battery life, IPX7 waterproof, status always online

The 35-hour battery life is a proud achievement, thanks to the optimization of the algorithm by the engineers and the built-in high-precision light sensor, the battery life can be so excellent. The return of the Type-c charging interface makes people call experts, convenient charging, stable transmission, and Completely get rid of the trouble of messy data lines.

The iGS630 continues the excellent IPX7 waterproof, and the rainwater is not easy to remain in contact with the smooth surface. The whole cycling computer is fully enclosed and integrated. Even if it encounters a humid environment and the temperature suddenly rises after rain, fog will not form under the screen to cause visual obstruction, maintain a good riding status at all times.

A 2.8-inch color screen gives you a better outlook

Long press the power button, then finish the setting of language, notice, metric/imperial and time zone. In the home page, three themes are available “Simple” “Refreshing” “Modern”. Under each theme, there are 24 colors that you can choose to apply to the theme. There exist infinite possibilities on the color screen.

As an user-friendly model, iGS630 has several shortcut buttons for the most used functions and pages

① Cycling assistant page will be entered by pressing the power button. You can check the time of sunrise/sunset, current altitude. Real-time weather, connection status of sensor and mobile phone can be viewed as well.

②By pressing the Start/Pause button as shortcut, you will be able to enter the Ride Page from any pages. You will get rid of any of any concerns of complicated operation.

③Quick setting will be entered by pressing the Lap Button. When the cycling is detected by iGS630, the recording will be started automatically. It’s definitely user-friendly to do some settings during the ride with a shortcut button.

More than 100 cycling data items

iGS630 is a reliable training partner that keeps track of all of statistics. Every page can show 10 data items at most. The page can be freely matched according to the needs of the rider, like putting together a Rubik's cube, combining the riding data suitable for oneself, and with the blessing of the color screen, the dynamic graphics also make the sports data more comprehensive.

The best chip gives the best positioning system

The positioning system is the core function of a bike GPS computer. The iGS630 is supported by the latest generation navigation chip U-Blox M10 from Switzerland, which makes a huge breakthrough in performance and positioning accuracy. Plus the positioning system of Beidou, GPS, Glonass, QZSS, Galileo, iGS630 will provide you a ride without losing your position.

Not only that, iGS630 opens up more interfaces for cycling routes. It supports third-party GPX/TCX route files to be quickly imported into the device, and can also share the navigation route from social media software to the APP and apply into the device. The memory of built-in 8G will easily meet the needs of pre-loaded maps, regular updates, APP downloads, etc.

GPX/TCX route files can be quickly imported into iGS630 via USB and BLE:

USB transmission: First, turn off iGS630. Use the USB cable to connect the iGS630 and the PC. After the connection, the computer will display the “charging” and USB transfer status. Find the disk iGS630 Mass Storage on the computer and enter the iGPSPORT/Maps path, then drag the GPX/TCX route file into.

Bluetooth transmission: Open APP, in the device page, select “Routes” “Import track file” “Confirm” “Route preview” Select” Send to device”. Then you will need connect APP with iGS630 and enter Navigation page, select “Routes”. Find the track file imported and confirm, then you see a route preview accordingly.

The smart iGS630 will let you better focus on your ride

The bike computer is supposed to be a helper for your cycling training. But repeated setting on the device would do a disservice by wasting your time.

In the past, you will need second setting .iGS630 has simplified the function navigating back to start, you will only need to press Confirm Button to enter Ride Menu and select Back to Start. Then the navigation back to start will begin.

iGS630 has a built-in high-precision gyroscope, which can automatically switch the start, pause and sleep modes under different situation. When the device detects the change of light like entering the tunnel, the sensitive light sensor will automatically adjust the backlight brightness naturally and guarantees a smooth ride.

Everything here is only a beginning, we will have a more elaborate introduction for iGS630.

Click to get information about iGS630.


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