Powerful and colorful:iGS630 unboxing and review

Starting from this year, iGPSPORT will enter the rhythm of two launches a yaear, with a spring launch in March and a fall launch in September. As a new product released in spring, iGS630 will meet the public on March 28 as scheduled. The unprecedented event of over 1,000,000 people participating in the warm-up phase gives us full confidence. In order to allow users to understand the iGS630 comprehensively, we will present the iGS630 hands-on experience for the first time!

Folding-type magnetic cover, unboxing should have a sense of ceremony

The packaging of the iGS630 is exquisite. Different from the previous pull-out unpacking, the folding ingenuity is poured into the packaging, which not only enhances the protection of the GPS cycling computer,but also provides users with a more ceremonial sense of interaction.