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Ride for more|Photography solicitation of iGPSPORT

With your camera, what you are recording for?

For the road

For the landscape

For the cloudy and rainy day

For daily cycling

For your GPS Computer

Or for your deep affection

Photography solicitation of iGPSPORT

( The great photos recorded your riding)

Awards for Good works:

Gold Award: 3 winners (voted from the silver award winners by all visiting people) who will get 1 PCS iGPSPORT iGS520 and each of iGPSPORT customized cycling jersey and T-shirt.

Silver award:10 winners(voted from the participate award winners by iGPSPORT Team)who will get each of iGPSPORT customized cycling jersey and T-shirt.

The Participate Award:20 winners(voted from all the works by iGPSPORT Team )who will get one iGPSPORT customized T-shirt.

Topic for the works:

Ride for more

Time for the activities:

Solicitation time: 26th Oct. to 23rd Nov.2020

Vote time: 23rd Nov. to 30th Nov. 2020

Announcement time: 1st Dec. to 4th Dec 2020

What has to be in your photos?

1.With iGPSPORT GPS bike computer

2.Must be an original work

3.Must be a real work

How to participate?

1.Click the link below:

2.Via email and send to

Please note:

1.The contributor owns the complete copyright of his work and shall not infringe on the legal rights and interests of any third party. If any related legal disputes arise, as a result, the contributor shall bear the legal responsibility.

2. For submitted, awarded, and selected works, the organizer enjoys the copyright and uses it in various publicity, and no longer pays the manuscript fee, and no longer pays the manuscript fee.

3.The submitted works are electronic files in JPG format, with a size of 1280 pixels or more on the long side and no more than 15M in size. Participants can submit 1-3 works. And mark the name of the work photo, shooting location, shooting time, author's real name and e-mail address. Contributions will not be returned. Anyone who affects the contact due to incomplete contact information will be deemed to have automatically waived the qualification for participation.


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