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Update to the firmware for iGS630 to V1.20

An update to the firmware for iGS630 systems was released in June 2022.

You can use this to update your system software to version 1.20.

What's new:,

1. Added Radar support.

2. Added electronic compass.

3. Added compass calibration.

4. Added the function of automatically calculating wheel diameter of the speed sensor.

5. The newly designed status page supports quick brightness adjustment and quick height calibration.

6. Added AGPS function.


7. Added FTP test function.

8. Added FTP automatic detection during riding.

9. Added some training courses (download via APP).

10. Added performance rating for training workouts.


11. Added road name display on the Map Page.

12. Added automatic zoom/manual zoom switch function to the map scale.

13. Optimized the accuracy of navigation turn prompts.

14. Optimized the sound effects of navigation end prompt, radar warning and other functions.

15. Fixed an issue where map parsing errors caused restarts.


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