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Update to the firmware for iGS630 to V1.30

An update to the firmware for iGS630 systems was released in July 2022.

You can use this to update your system software to version 1.30.

What's new:

New Features:

1. ClimbPro: It helps you manage your effort for the upcoming climbs on a course

2. Climb page: The real-time climb progress can be displayed.

3. E-Bike connection: You can set the wheel diameter on the E-Bike

Improvement and Optimization

1. Optimized the smart notification.

2. Optimized the map navigation

3. Improved the speed of the device to receive data

4. Optimized the layout design of whether information

5. Optimized the display on the training page.

6. Improved the battery display accuracy on some e-shifting.

7. Optimized some details of map navigation

8. Optimized the display of cycling data page

9. Optimized the communication speed between iGS630 and ANT+ sensors.

10. Threshold speed set for auto record/auto pause is added (threshold needs to be set on the APP)

11. Added option to filter zero value when calculating power and cadence data (threshold needs to be set on the APP)

12. Optimized the font display of the cycling page

13. Support the icon display of cycling assistance points on the map

Other detail

1. Change the drive letter of U disk mode to iGS630


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