What do you do when you are not riding? 5 tips to make you faster and stronger

Whether it is a cyclist or a enthusiast, we are always looking for ways to improve athletic performance.

Some people work very hard when training, but ignore the time not to ride a bike. Of course, the most effective way to make yourself stronger is to train hard in a scientific way, but there are many other things that can affect your performance. Here are five things that I can tell you from the perspective of a coach and former professional rider that can affect your riding performance when you are not riding.

Core muscle training:

If you can only do one exercise when you are not riding, then it must be a training to strengthen your core strength.

The process of riding a bicycle is asymmetrical. When riding, the two legs alternately perform different actions: one leg is pedaling down and the other is lifting up. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, we need to mobilize the core muscles to stabilize ourselves, otherwise the torso will keep shaking when stepping on.

No matter how strong your legs are, if only half of the power can be converted into forward power, a lot of power is wasted. Strengthening the core can also help avoid minor injuries and illnesses.