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Why don't you ride with others? 7 reasons to tell you the answer

The benefits of regular cycling are numerous. In addition to physical fitness, it is also beneficial to mental health. The benefits of riding are indeed the case. Unfortunately, some bad habits of the riders themselves can also affect this benefit, such as being unable to resist competing with others.

If your starting point is benign and just use others as a benchmark and record your own progress, there is absolutely no problem. I'm afraid of being arrogant and wanting to show that I am better than others.

Next, let me tell you, why don't you compare with others when riding.

Have a negative impact on riding performance

When we want to seek outside recognition and show that we are better than others, it will distract ourselves and even lead to a decrease in riding performance. For riding, the focus is on yourself. If you want to surpass others and spend too much energy on this, then you will not have enough energy to focus on what is really important. Rather than just thinking about who they have won, it is better to observe the shining points of their riding process, learn from it and apply it to yourself.

May hurt yourself

Just as constant comparison consumes energy, it also has a negative impact on the body and mind. When your goal is no longer to be the best, but to indulge in surpassing others, you can no longer listen to your inner warnings and signals. Losing judgment will distract you, and you will forget to take into account the alarms that your body sends. There is nothing wrong with being self-motivated and wanting to compete with others, but focusing too much on others instead of yourself may hurt yourself.

"Awareness" and "comparison" are different

Just like in a competition or group riding, in order to ensure safe and strategic riding, it is important to understand what is happening around you, so it is also necessary to distinguish between "consciousness" and "comparison". For example, in a game, insight into what your competitors may or may not do will allow you to prepare accordingly and take advantage of it. But again, it is necessary to treat this insight as helpful information for you and your riding performance, not as an evaluation method.

Everyone has different levels

Everyone has his strong and weak points. Some people are born with a talent for climbing, or are born with strong sprint power, or someone can perform effortlessly in one aspect of the riding process. This is a talent. Talent is something we cannot control, and it will have a major impact on success. Of course, don’t go to extremes and turn yourself into a defeatist if you think someone has a natural advantage. Set appropriate goals for yourself, distinguish what is achievable and what is not, and work hard, and one day you will be infinitely close to the effect you want.

Comparing will dampen motivation

In the short term, surpassing others or leaving a deep impression on others will form a motivation for you to persevere, but it is not the source of lasting motivation. The key to self-improvement is to find motivation rather than comparison. It's good to have someone as a benchmark to inspire you. There is no doubt that a positive attitude can keep us enterprising. The key is to look at the problem from a correct perspective.

Data is only one aspect

As a great auxiliary tool for riders, Strava is favored by more and more people for many reasons, but it has a subtle boundary between motivational function and obsessive data obsession. When you are completely immersed in a bunch of numbers or completely affected by other people's data, you will forget to enjoy the ride, and eventually will only be exhausted. The most important thing is that if you blindly chase an invisible opponent every time, no one will like to ride with you. If you find that you are too focused on the numbers, try to temporarily set aside the data and refocus your attention.

The only person who should strive to surpass is yesterday’s self

When you are looking for motivation to speed up cycling or want to give up, remember that you can only rely on yourself, and the progress you have achieved is only yours. Focusing on comparing yourself with others will only disappoint and pain you, and it will distort your mindset even more. In cycling, there will always be people who are faster and stronger than you, but you can only do nothing about it. Instead of paying attention to others, it is better to monitor yourself and pay attention to where you are doing well and where you are not as expected. Remember, every minute you spend comparing yourself with others or being jealous of others is a minute that hinders your own progress.


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