Simple to set up, simple to experience, 

simple to stay connected, simple to navigate, 

and easy to set up - the iGS620 GPS Cycling Computer

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iGPSPORT GPS Cycling Computer may display the current speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, trip time, total distance traveled, and the current time. More advanced models also may display altitude, incline (inclinometer), heart rate, power output (measured in watt) and temperature as well as offer additional functions such as pedaling cadence, a cycling computer and even GPS navigation. They have become useful accessories in bicycling as a sport and as a recreational activity.

The display is usually implemented with a liquid crystal display, and it may show one or more values at once. Many current models display one value, such as current speed, with large numbers, and another number that the user may select, such as time, distance, average speed, etc., with small numbers.

The head usually has one or more buttons that the user can push to switch the value(s) displayed, reset values such as time and trip distance, calibrate the unit, and on some units, turn on a back light for the display.

New iGS320

The industry’s first 72-hour long battery life, with a 2.4-inch screen, the whole machine has no screws, and is more waterproof, foggy and dustproof; The Type-C interface can share a charging cable with your mobile phone; the screen provides more than 20 of data to choose from, and three pages are switched by one button; support GPS+BEIDOU+GLONASS +GALILEO+QZSS full-platform satellite positioning system, positioning is more accurate; the new Bluetooth 5.0 system not only supports sensor connection, but also makes APP data transmission speed faster and more stable; ANT + transmission protocol, supports speed, cadence, heart rate monitor Connect, increase the richness of data; also support heading navigation, and navigate through turning prompts, and establish navigation routes through APP; cloud platform provides bicycle data sharing and more detailed analysis.

iGS320-3 (4).jpg
iGS520 (2).jpg

New iGS520

GPS+BEIDOU+QZSS︱2.3-inch︱FSTN Screen︱45H

BLE/ANT+︱Power Meter︱IPX7︱Strava︱Trainingpeaks

Notification︱Automatic backlight︱Automatic sleep

2.3-inch FSTN Dot-matrix screen, provides more than 80 items of data to choose from, single page maximum display 8 data; accurate positioning, support GPS + Beidou mode; large battery capacity, battery life up to 45 hours; Bluetooth and ANT+ transmission protocol, support power meter, richer data display; waypoint navigation; cloud platform provides cycling data sharing and more detailed analysis.